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Khan El-Khalili

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Khan El-Khalili

What visit to a large foreign city would be complete without a visit to their eccentric shopping centers or ancient craft shops to receive something of antiquity or tradition? Or maybe you seek something modern to bring back as a tourist from a foreign land to show off to everyone. Old and new, artistic and bulk materials, cloth and stone, you can find all of those things in Egyptian souks. Khan el-Khalili is one of these areas, and a major one of the city and the region itself. Here you can find many of those lost and unknown objects you may have been looking for.

Back in the late 14th century, towards the end of it, the reigning Emir built a facility called a caravanserai, basically a place of rest, relaxation, and entertainment. Essentially a wayfarers in, for rest upon long journeys or just a place to get away from things for a while. At the time in 1382, much of the area had been destroyed by the black death, and as such when the city was being repaired by the ruler, the Khan was built and formed into use.

As given by its name and being a major district for shopping there exists an innumerable amount of personal small shops and large facilities throughout the center. Coffee is a major beverage of enjoyment so you will not lack for that when there are many varieties of coffee houses present here as well. Many of these are small and traditional, offering Turkish coffee blends and brews, as well as offering the Shisha, the famed 3 stemmed hookahs, for smoking your smoke of choice; typically a blended tobacco purchased from another vendor.

As is with many of the largest shopping districts, everything is typically accessible with as little travel as possible. You cannot only get everything you want here, but get TO everywhere you need. After recreation and other festivities, a journey over to the local Mosque, Al-Hussein. It is inside Khan itself, and there is a university and its Mosque as well very close by. As can be seen, everything is literally at your fingertips in Khan el-Khalili.

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The Ramadan Observance

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar; and is also the name given to the religious observance exhibited throughout the month long observance. This observance is the most holy of all the Muslim holidays, and is one that all of the Islamic face revere, respect, and practice. Even if some of the other holidays or observances are unable to be participated in, the most effort is given to properly immerse oneself in the true meaning and the practices of Ramadan. Read the full story

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