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The Valley Of The Kings

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The Valley Of The Kings

The valley of the kings exists in Egypt as one, if not the largest, burial places of Egyptian royalty and nobility. It lasted for about 500 years, when every king was buried within the Theban Necropolis at the site. It stands opposite of Luxor, on the banks of the Nile in what used to be ancient Thebes. The site complex itself is continuously being excavated, and at last total the area encased a sum total of 63 tombs, with sizes ranging from a small, few feet in diameter pit area, to massive complexes by themselves containing hundreds of rooms. It is to be expected, in some way though, having been the burial spot of the nobility of the New Kingdom. Opulence is still shown in the tombs, though the majority of them have been robbed and pillaged. Read the full story

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