» Things To Do Just another WordPress weblog Tue, 03 Jul 2012 08:18:46 +0000 en hourly 1 Cairo Opera Houses Thu, 23 Jul 2009 16:43:00 +0000 admin You might not think Opera, when you conjure up images of Egyptian culture and massive deserts, but you may be surprised when you really look at what you can find in this culture rich metropolis. It might be a fairly new, expanding as of late facility, but Egypt does attract its fair share of entertainment and performers.

Originally erected in 1869, the original attractor and bastion of Egyptian opera and entertainment was the Khedivial opera facility. It was a celebratory erection, heralding the finish of the Suez canal and a great one it was. Opening with its first presentation of Rigoletto and later Aida. It stood as a beacon of fresh entertainment for over a hundred years until its demise due to a fire in 1971. Though it would still be nigh on two decades before a new facility was born.

Built in 1988, taking the place of the burnt down Khedivial facility, the Cairo opera house soon rose to the position of premier facility in Egypt. It is home to nearly every major and minor act who seeks to present themselves to the public. It was such an appealing structure and pleasing concert hall that London’s Philharmonic had made its decision to perform a concert there, their first ever middle eastern showing.

The facility boasts a rather impressive structure in and of itself, most likely leading many acts not only out of necessity, but desire to perform and be housed there. Main hall seating sits around 1300 persons with spacious placement of seats designed to maximize the acoustic properties of the facility. The smaller hall off to the side can take 500 people as well. There is for larger performances an open air space. This theater is also acoustically designed to utilize outdoor properties for those desiring such a performance.

All together an impressive facility in its history, as well as its construction. There may not be a large number of concert halls and opera facilities, but Cairo House exists to exhibit the best of the best, and that is something they do quite well, with the amazing architecture and diverse selection of artists performing.

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