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A holiday for the whole family to Sharm El Sheikh.

Sharm El Sheikh offers some of the amazing historical sites that Egypt is famous for, however, in addition to this, there are some truly beautiful modern buildings, hotels and facilities to be enjoyed here. This town has been brought forward in to the 21st century very well and has become a fantastic tourist destination being one of the most popular resorts in Egypt. Sharm El Sheikh is located on the edge of the Red Sea and therefore offers some of the most amazing diving spots in the world. There is plenty to see and do here, for the whole family, and a truly wonderful holiday will be had if it is spent here.

When you want to arrive at your holiday resort it is probable that you will want to relax and the perfect place for this is the Oriental Spa and Hammam. Here you will be treated like a goddess with lots of different treatments on offer, whether you want a facial or a massage you will find that the staff here are friendly, polite and always offer a brilliant service. This is a fantastic place to relax, particularly for parents, as you can have a nice break from the norm and unwind, ideal if you’ve had a long travel to arrive or just want to return back home rested and relaxed.

For fantastic diving visit the Ocean College Dive Centre that offers some of the best diving train in the whole of Sharm El Sheikh. Here you will be able to gain the necessary licences to enjoy some of the best dives that this country has to offer. They will train you in many different activities here ensuring that you are confident before you head out in to the sea. This centre is in Naama Bay and is a short journey from Sharm El Sheikh, one that is worth every minute.

If you want to explore the depths of the desert then you will find quad biking a fantastic way to do this. Always ensure that you have the necessary travel insurance before partaking in this activity. This is a particular favourite activity with the males in the family and men, young and old, will love getting to grips with these machines. Head out in the late afternoon for the best temperatures and the chance to watch the sun set over the desert.

While enjoying your holiday in Sharm el Sheikh be sure to spend at least one evening relaxing and gazing at the stars. The landscape here is amazing and this makes it the ideal place for some star gazing. You can even find some companies that offer you access to the best locations to do this and will provide you with a guide and all the equipment that you could ever want for an amazing experience out in the open.

You will find plenty for the whole family to do here and whether you want something exciting, filled with adrenaline or even just a week or two filled with pure relaxation then Sharm El Sheikh is the perfect destination for you.

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Khan El-Khalili

Khan El-Khalili

What visit to a large foreign city would be complete without a visit to their eccentric shopping centers or ancient craft shops to receive something of antiquity or tradition? Or maybe you seek something modern to bring back as a tourist from a foreign land to show off to everyone. Old and new, artistic and bulk materials, cloth and stone, you can find all of those things in Egyptian souks. Khan el-Khalili is one of these areas, and a major one of the city and the region itself. Here you can find many of those lost and unknown objects you may have been looking for.

Back in the late 14th century, towards the end of it, the reigning Emir built a facility called a caravanserai, basically a place of rest, relaxation, and entertainment. Essentially a wayfarers in, for rest upon long journeys or just a place to get away from things for a while. At the time in 1382, much of the area had been destroyed by the black death, and as such when the city was being repaired by the ruler, the Khan was built and formed into use.

As given by its name and being a major district for shopping there exists an innumerable amount of personal small shops and large facilities throughout the center. Coffee is a major beverage of enjoyment so you will not lack for that when there are many varieties of coffee houses present here as well. Many of these are small and traditional, offering Turkish coffee blends and brews, as well as offering the Shisha, the famed 3 stemmed hookahs, for smoking your smoke of choice; typically a blended tobacco purchased from another vendor.

As is with many of the largest shopping districts, everything is typically accessible with as little travel as possible. You cannot only get everything you want here, but get TO everywhere you need. After recreation and other festivities, a journey over to the local Mosque, Al-Hussein. It is inside Khan itself, and there is a university and its Mosque as well very close by. As can be seen, everything is literally at your fingertips in Khan el-Khalili.

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The Egyptian Museum

The Egyptian Museum

Once known by its proper full name of “museum of antiquities”, it is now known simply as the Egyptian Museum. Here is one of the most famed museums world wide, nestled into the ancient city of Cairo, amidst the ruins of dynasties and the times of kings. Any museum in such an area would by default have a reputation to live up to and need to impress those who entered. The Egyptian museum rises to the occasion and flies right past it.

Being at the center point of thousands of years of dynastic change and structures being built, Egypt has such a large wealth of archaeological discoveries and finds that continue to be discovered now and will be far into the future. The Egyptian museum of course has become the largest possessor of pharaonic pieces, larger than any other in the world. This is to be expected but what they also have in the same vein as the rest of the treasures, but a little more known, are the remnants of Tutankhamen’s tomb. It is because of such a sordid history and mystery surrounding those particular pieces, that tourists have their attention diverted to it from all corners.

The current location of the museum has been its resting spot for over 100 years now. Prior to that many of the structures relics had to be moved from its prior facility in 1878, in Boulaq, to a facility in Giza because of some unexpected flooding that destroyed much of the property. Originally situated near the Ezbekeyah Gardens, it started out small until their benefactors deemed it too small to house further exploratory finds, and went on with building a larger facility.

Divided into two floors, the antiquities are arranged in such a fashion, that one would progressively go back in time and lineage of dynasties the further down the line they went. Level 1, the first floor, has many pieces of currency from all corners of Egypt and its many areas, as well as some from around the world at the time. New kingdom artifacts and tablets are housed here as well, items which typically are much larger than the coins and many pieces of papyrus lining the walls and display areas.

Start out in the beginning and enter, travel through to the beginning of an empire. The Egyptian museum is indeed a journey back in time.

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Visit The Giza Pyramid Complex

Visit The Giza Pyramid Complex

When many of us picture in our minds ancient Egypt, we conjure up images of great pyramids, sand dines, and desert landscapes. Sometimes, a specific pyramid comes to mind, even though many of the burial complexes were in Valleys and other areas across the Egyptian landscape. We often picture the Great Pyramid, and the surrounding facilities and structures. This, is what is known as the Giza Necropolis.

Consisting of a few structures, the complex covers an ample space of land. The Great Pyramid, known by some as the pyramid of Cheops, is the central focal point of the complex when remembered by many. There exists a smaller pyramid of Khafre South West of the Great pyramid; While the Sphinx, the great massive animal and human combined. A few hundred meters beyond Khafres tomb, exists the pyramid of Menkaure. Amongst these mainstays and very visible structures exists a scattered grouping of smaller pyramids, queens pyramids, Valley types, and causeways. Read the full story

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