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Cairo and Egyptian Ferry Service

Situated in the midst of a travel center of world wide size and epic proportions, Egypt has many arrival and departure points that can be gotten to in an assorted number of ways. Sea, air, land, its all available in this ancient, fantastic part of the ancient world. Depending on what method you would like to take and what you have coming along with you will tell you what form of transportation best suits you. Once in Egypt itself, vehicular transport of domestically provided rides locally are the main fare. But, what if you are in one part of the city, or a specific area, and just need to cross the river itself? While ferry service TO Cairo itself can not be had due to it being Inland residence, ferry services do exist in parts of the country based out of Cairo itself.

Reservations are made through contacting a remote agency, based in Cairo itself. Before some people arrive in Cairo they have a tendency to forget that the city is land consumed and does not actually touch the water. So they will take other modes to and from there. The Cairo Navigation Agency is a firm out of Cairo that books and reserves spots on ferries throughout the entirety of Egypt for passengers. You can transport yourself from the High Dam area and the Sudan spot of Wadi Halfa on the days of Saturday and Tuesday. The fares tend to be rather expensive, ranging from $140USD down to around $80USD. Aqaba Jordan also has an attaching point to Nuweiba that is a little bit more affordable in the age based range, depending on if you want to take a Slow Boat, or the Catamaran. Children from there cost about $20USD, adults run $35-40USD. SHARM EL-SHEIKH to Hurghada services with two ferries, one fast, one slow, departing at 9am and 6pm respectively, and so far the most reasonable at $30USD across the board.

Most likely whatever travel agency you used would be definitely versed in the travel options available to you once you reach your Egyptian port. Also many of the hotels themselves may, due to the large number of tourists frequenting and the information passed through. Ask before you go, but know too that many options for travel are available to you.

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