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Visit The Giza Pyramid Complex

When many of us picture in our minds ancient Egypt, we conjure up images of great pyramids, sand dines, and desert landscapes. Sometimes, a specific pyramid comes to mind, even though many of the burial complexes were in Valleys and other areas across the Egyptian landscape. We often picture the Great Pyramid, and the surrounding facilities and structures. This, is what is known as the Giza Necropolis.

Consisting of a few structures, the complex covers an ample space of land. The Great Pyramid, known by some as the pyramid of Cheops, is the central focal point of the complex when remembered by many. There exists a smaller pyramid of Khafre South West of the Great pyramid; While the Sphinx, the great massive animal and human combined. A few hundred meters beyond Khafres tomb, exists the pyramid of Menkaure. Amongst these mainstays and very visible structures exists a scattered grouping of smaller pyramids, queens pyramids, Valley types, and causeways.

Existing as the only structure showing any of its original casing of polished limestone, Menkaures Pyramid is the most intact. Khafres facility has a grouping of the stones at its Apex, still retaining some of that renowned limestone casting. The great pyramid became, in Hellenistic times, a popular location, gaining it status as one of the 7 wonders of the world.

People also think that the pyramids are off in this remote portion of desert, unable to be traveled to without extensive travel; but they would be wrong. That was something happening with their popularization during the Nineteenth century and many of the photographs that came out of that era. They didn’t show anything of the surrounding area, and only showcased the complex itself. It is actually in, and part of the largest city in Egypt, Cairo.

All of the pyramids at the Great Pyramid location, Memphis, Dashur, and a few others were declared a World Heritage Site. That means, it is a precious complex, of value to the entire world, declared so by the UN. The Giza Necropolis holds some of the most ancient civilizations secrets, and as such should be revered and protected.

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