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The Ramadan Observance

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar; and is also the name given to the religious observance exhibited throughout the month long observance. This observance is the most holy of all the Muslim holidays, and is one that all of the Islamic face revere, respect, and practice. Even if some of the other holidays or observances are unable to be participated in, the most effort is given to properly immerse oneself in the true meaning and the practices of Ramadan.

The most evident and visual event of the month is the institution and practice of fasting. Every day the Muslim would wake, and take their predawn meal, known as the Sahur. The fajr prayer is then performed, the first prayer of the day before the sun rises. They must do this before the first call to prayer for the day. The entire day is spent fasting until teh 4th call for prayer in the evening, known as Maghrib. Each evening the Muslim is allowed to eat and drink as they please, until the next morning starts over with the fajir. The act of sacrifice with fasting during the day brings ones mind into a purified state, and is meant to draw one closer to Allah, and direct ones path in the appropriate manner. Properly observing the stated fast is meant to deliver ones heart and soul a level of peaceful calm.

Prayer, and Reading of the Holy Quran are a mainstay of Ramadan as well. While urged to read the entire holy book, some go with the Tarawih, the daily reading of portions of the Quran at the Mosque one would go to. If one does not have a mosque they attend, self done readings of a section a day are also appropriate and allowed. Many countries, states, and municipalities with large Muslim populations or in the countries themselves will shutdown and close the markets during part of the days fast, during Ramadan. The markets also often stay open later in the evening on those days as well.

Prayer, and fasting. Reading the Quran; These things are integral to the Muslim. If you are in an area where many of them are, its a sight to behold. If you yourself are Muslim, Ramadan is the time to reconnect and further dedicate yourself to Allah.

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